Karin Eckerdal

Graphic designer
Based in Gothenburg, Sweden

Smartphone as Book/
Phonecase as Exlibris, 2021

In my MA project from Visual Communication at Konstfack I tackled different ways of designing the reading experience on a smartphone. As part of the result is a wooden phonecase, made out of lasercut instances of the same variable font. To see this project in its entirety visit website
Hover over the letters to see all the instances.

Since You Asked, 2021

Graphic design and development made for writers collective based in Gothenburg. On this website the correspondence between readers and writers becomes a growing literary material. Visit website

Halftime, 2020

Concept, graphic design and development of digital exhibition at Konstfack. This digital exhibition mimics the structure and drama of a video conference. Visit website

Danae Valenza, 2021

Graphic design and art direction for artist Danae Valenza.
Made in collaboration with Luke Rowland. Visit website

Posters, 2019 — 2021

Posters made for various art exhibitions.

En Liljas Biografi, 2019

3D model and graphic design for art exhibition at Gathenhielmska Huset, Gothenburg.

Valand Graduation Show, 2019

Visual identity & catalogdesign for graduation show
«1000 squaremeters» in fine art from Valand, Gothenburg. Made in collaboration with Nicole Jonassen.

Livets Elektriska, 2019

Lettering for DJ-trio based in Gothenburg.

Farvash, 2020

Webdesign & development for Farvash, artist based in Stockholm.

Shiva Anoushirvani, 2020

Webdesign & development for Shiva Anoishirvani, artist based in Stockholm.

Roxy Farhat, 2019

Webdesign & development. Video is a big part of Roxy Farhats body of work. This website aims to make it easy for the user to both be able to zap around and stay around in the cinematic darkness. Visit website

Etzia, 2018

Visuals for a concert with the dancehall queen Etzia.
At Pustervik, Gothenburg.